“The voice of one crying in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord; Make His paths straight.’ ”

MARK 1:3

I woke up this morning hearing the Lord say, “Who will be my voice?” God is calling His prophets out of hiding. He is calling His John the Baptists out of their wilderness. He is calling His Elijah’s out of their burnout.

Now is the time again for one crying out from the wilderness “Prepare Ye the Way for the Lord”

He said my Prophets have been forsaken and persecuted. They have been silenced and ridiculed by the Luke Warm. Until now my people were comfortable, Luke warm, asleep and carnal. They were not willing to listen to Me says God. But now they will begin to listen. I am stirring up my Prophets across the World starting with Australia. It is a time of warfare not slumber. It is a time for fasting not feasting. It is a time to blow the trumpet in Zion.

Because my Church have not heard the cry. Because my Church had excuses of comfort and lifestyle. They rejected the Invitation, now I am awakening my Bold Ones, My Burning Ones, My Prophets to cry out in the Highways and Biways to the lost, the lonely, the broken and the shamed. For these are the ones that calamity has come suddenly to and are already awakened. The ones that have lost their jobs, been persecuted for speaking up, been dragged into courts because they would not bow their knee to Pressure of this World. Now is the time! There is a great Awakening and Australia needs to hear the Voice of the Lord!

Prophetic Word By- Mike Barrett, founder of Transformations Program in Australia.