He who walks [as a companion] with wise men is wise, but he who associates with [self-confident] fools is [a fool himself and] shall smart for it.


We need to be wise when it comes to whom we spend our time with. Often we may think that a relationship with a friend is purely innocent, but be careful! Not every friend you meet, is sent to you by God!

Always check with your heart whether you are coping well. If you are not sure, then draw back and take a wise account of what is happening. It would be better for you to stick close to people who love God and are not “self”-motivated, or living with one foot in and one foot out of the Kingdom.

Nobody should have such a hold on your life that they lead you into questionable circumstances. Only your relationship with God should have that kind of place in your life. Cut ties with such people, as a foolish friend will lead you into trouble.

When you give your life in friendship, let it be with someone who will value and appreciate your commitment, someone who will be loyal, dedicated, honest and prepared to go through thick and thin with you.

Friendships always go through challenges, but if they are Godly friendships they will bless your life. Foolish friends will tear you apart and in the end your heart will be broken.

To have a special friend is a gift from God. Love and appreciate them, and never take them for granted.

In His Presence- Day by Day: Dr. Lyndie McCauley



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