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Mario Murillo (Charisma News archives)

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Mario Murillo: ‘What I Have Said About Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock Stands’

Perhaps you read my previous blog entitled “Mario, where have you been?”

I went through a fiery ordeal before I obeyed God and wrote it. I thought, “Why should I wade into such controversy and incur the grief?”

Over 95,000 people read it on our website, alone. Ninety seven percent of the comments agreed with the article. You couldn’t get 97% of the population to agree that the earth is round.

9-year-old Drummer Gifted in Music and Prophecy Impacting Millions Worldwide

At just nine years old, John Miles Brockman has taken the world by storm, going viral for worshipping Jesus on the drums on Sunday with his church. We sat down with John Miles who shares the tear-jerking story of how the Holy Spirit spoke to him to start using his gift on the drums to change the world.

“He (The Holy Spirit) was like, ‘I want you to prophesy something on the drums and it will help Ukraine and what they are in right now,'” the 9-year-old drummer says.

Joined by his parents John and Joslyn Brockman and two sisters, the family encourages believer’s around the world to allow God to move in and through them. “God can put His sound on your sound, and it makes a difference,” Joslyn says.

Kevin Sorbo’s Transformative Encounter as a Teen with Billy Graham

Actor Kevin Sorbo is known today for his roles in faith-based movies, like “God’s Not Dead” and “Left Behind,” but the iconic “Hercules” star’s Christian roots took form at an early age.

Sorbo recently told CBN’s “Faith vs. Culture” he first read the prophetic book of Revelation when he was a young child and has been a lifelong Christian.

“I’ve been a Christian all my life … I grew up that way,” he said. “I grew up in a very strong Lutheran family.”

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