…we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ,…

Ephesians 4:15

Over the next two days, I would like to talk to you about speaking the truth in love.  Sometimes we are too quick to point out the weaknesses and failures of others.  People we love and want to help, receive our words wrong.  Instead of helping, it turns into an argument and feelings are hurt.  There is an art to giving in love.  It is called patience. Before we move to giving others words of wisdom in love, I want to speak to you about receiving these words.  If it is a sensitive area of your life, you will get offended or angry when someone points out your weakness.  It could be a negative behavior or bad decision you have made.  The way you accept these words makes all the difference. 

Here are three keys. 1. Check your pride.  Do you welcome others to speak into your life or are the doors to your heart closed?  The bible says that pride comes before the fall.  2.  Surround yourself with people that pull you up & not tear you down.  People that care for you and are committed to helping you.  They have demonstrated their desire to see you become better.  Your family, friends, and best of all your Pastors.  3.  Eat the hay, spit out the thorns.  Have an open heart to receive a word of help but test the word.  Is it given to you in love?  Is it truthful?  Does your heart speak about this issue as well?  We are people.  We make mistakes.  Learn to receive a good word for your life and toss out the bad.  There are people that God has surrounded you with that love you.  Let them know that it is ok to speak to you about life.  Listen patiently.  Thank them for it.  Someone has a word for you today.

Prayer: Father, I thank you that you have surrounded me with people that care about me.  They know my strengths as well as my battles.  Put a word in their heart to speak to me about change.  I promise to be patient and hear them out.  I will not get offended.  They want the best for me.  Thank you Father for using them to speak into my life.  I will become stronger than ever before.  I receive words of truth, spoken by mentors and loved ones.  Bless them Father.  In Jesus name.  Amen.