‘Society is changing’: Canadian city councilor defends adult male in girls’ public pool locker room

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (LifeSiteNews) — A Canadian city councilor told a concerned parent that because “gender identity” is “protected” in his province, there is no recourse to combat a gender-confused man who says he is a woman who walked around naked in the women’s changing room at a public swimming pool. 

Saskatoon city councilor David Kirton made the comments last week to a concerned parent who protested the gender-confused man using the girls’ changeroom at the Shaw Centre on January 27. 

The parent said the man’s naked body was in full view to all, including little girls.

The parent in question and others had demanded action be taken against the gender-confused man and held a protest outside City Hall in Saskatoon on January 28.  

Kirton said he had heard the parents’ concern but said the man can keep using the girls’ changeroom. 

“Our society is changing,” said Kirton as per the Western Standard, adding that, “a person can choose a change room based on their gender identity regardless of physical appearance.” 

He then said that “gender identity is a protected right under the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.” 

Kirton, a former broadcast radio host, said that the city rules protect people using whatever bathroom they want, and that concerned parents can just ask staff for a “comfortable change room environment that suits your needs.” 

He also claimed that what the city had understood what “occurred” in the changeroom is “substantively different than what has been reported on social media.”  

“We have no reason to believe any inappropriate behavior occurred,” he added. 

Regarding the incident, the parent said the man in question was allowed to walk around the girls’ changeroom and the public pool at the Shaw Centre in Saskatoon with no underwear or towel. 

The parent complained to the Shaw Centre, which said that a person could use whatever changing room corresponds with one’s subjective “gender identity.” 

The Shaw Centre confirmed its policy of allowing the use of bathrooms according to a chosen gender. 

The office of Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe said, according to the Western Standard, that while it is aware of the parents’ concerns, it will take no action against the Shaw Centre, which is under municipal authority. 

Second protest held over the weekend saw counter-protests from trans activists  

This past Saturday the parents had another protest, this time outside the Shaw Centre, which saw around 150 attend. There was a counter-protest held by LGBT activists at the same time. 

Abdusselam Bezirgan, an independent reporter who was on-site at the protest, shared footage of the event on social media. 

One concerned parent who was at the protest said that allowing a biological man to use the women’s change room was “rolling out the red carpet for pedophiles to come in and stare at our little girls, and our girlfriends, and our wives.” 

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” he added.  

A trans activist at the protest claimed that “trans people are just trying to change and use the washrooms.” 

“Trans people are not predators, we are simply trying to live in our own skins comfortably,” added the activist. 

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This incident in Saskatoon is only one of many recent “trans” controversies that have taken Canada by storm in recent months.

Just last month a British Columbia man calling himself “Brigid” said he was planning on filing a human rights complaint after he was denied membership at a female-only gym.

Last fall, an Ontario high school shop teacher made international headlines after he donned massive fake breasts in his classroom.

Initially defending the teacher under “gender identity” and gender expression” grounds, the school board only relented and went forward with implementing a dress code after severe backlash from parents.

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