The Lord sets free the prisoners…

pSALM 146:7

You are no longer a prisoner to natural circumstances and difficulties. You are only a prisoner to Christ, and to do His will. God’s purposes and plans must be the plans that come to pass in your life; He wants you free, fulfilling what He has called you to.

Don’t allow bad and hurtful experiences to imprison you and don’t stay in bondage to the pain of the past. Use the incident as a challenge to change, grow through it and become a more excellent person. Disappointments and frustrations will come, but learn to kick open the prison doors that hold you back, and walk straight out to the freedom that is yours.

If you stay imprisoned, you are going to lose too much; the price is high, and why should you pay so dearly for something that you can be released from? Don’t bow down and surrender to the chains of bondage. Get free.

Don’t let some relationship incarcerate you. Take the Word of God and His destiny for your life, apply God’s Word and forgive and break loose. The enemy is the binder, but the Lord is the liberator.

Walk free from aching bitterness, jealousy and rejection, and put on the cloak of righteousness that is yours in Jesus.

The prison doors are wide open, what are you doing inside?

In His Presence- Day by Day: Dr. Lyndie McCauley