‘Martyr’: Canadian pro-lifers lament reported abortion death of 38-week-old baby in Montreal

MONTREAL (LifeSiteNews) — Last week, a 38-week-old baby was killed in a late-term abortion at a hospital in Montreal. 

After pro-lifers desperately tried to persuade the mother to choose life and medical professionals to abandon their plans to murder the child who was so close to birth, the baby died on February 2. 

“This child will now be a martyr for the kingdom of God,” Quebec Life Coalition (QLC) wrote in a blog post. “We want to thank all of our supporters for praying in this intention. Let us ponder upon the impact this unborn had on all of our lives, and reflect on the fact that 300 unborn children die through abortion every day in Canada.” 

“While we cannot save every life, we can try to save some. If the life of this child has affected you in any way as you ponder upon this death, please take the time to discern if there is something that you can do to advance the pro-life movement in Quebec.” 

On February 1, QLC was informed by Montreal Against Abortion that an anonymous source told the organization about the late-term abortion scheduled for the next day and asked if anything could be done to save the baby.  

Although a media representative from the hospital could not provide details of possible alternatives in light of confidentiality, the anonymous source testified that “team leaders attended a meeting yesterday [February 1] morning about the ‘procedure’ and left the meeting feeling overwhelmed.” 

“The case was qualified as a ‘special case’. They were informed that the child would have to be injected with a substance to be euthanized so that it doesn’t cry before being extracted from the mother. Some of the staff have refused to take part in the ‘procedure’.” 

QLC “received over 70 emails” when asking supporters to pray for the mother to choose life and save her baby. One response indicated the supporter had called the hospital staff “to be the voice of this baby and assert his right to life,” encouraging adoption as an alternative to abortion. 

“The nurse listened to me, much to my surprise, and then said she would pass on my message to the mother,” another message read. “She also said that they were sad about the situation, but that it was the mother’s choice and that she had the right [sic] to ‘have an abortion’.”  

Another supporter wrote that “it is murder, no matter how many weeks into the pregnancy the mother is.” 

“I entrust to God and to all the saints in Heaven, this mother and this little innocent baby at the mercy of the madness of so-called ‘human’ beings,” another message read. 

“Despite all of this attention that this unborn child received, we were informed this morning [February 2] that the mother proceeded with an abortion,” QLC lamented. “Some of our staff and supporters found this information difficult to digest.” 

Canada currently has no restrictions on abortion and is touted by the government as a necessary “medical procedure,” allowing women to kill their unborn babies at any point in pregnancy. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeatedly expressed support for abortion in the name of “women’s rights.” At the United Nations General Assembly in September, Trudeau called unlimited abortion access a “fundamental tenet of freedom.”   

Last month, he ignored images of aborted babies shown to him by pro-lifers and reiterated his stance on the murder of the unborn, stating, “I believe in a woman’s right to choose.” 


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