Manitoba’s vaccine passport app finally goes offline a year after COVID mandates were dropped

(LifeSiteNews) — Nearly a year after Manitoba dropped its vaccine mandates, the province seems to have finally discontinued its proof-of-vaccination app.  

“As of February 8, the Government of Manitoba website said the app could be used by businesses and venues requiring proof of immunization for its customers,” Rebel News reported. “But on February 3, Manitobans could not download the app.” 

“Residents using the Manitoba Immunization Verifier app received a notification alerting them the service is no longer available.” 

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The apparent discontinuation of the service comes nearly a year after the province axed all its COVID-related mandates on March 1, 2022.

At the time, Manitoba’s chief public health officer, Brent Roussin, had stated that the app would continue beyond its mandated use, as the government “heard from some venues, some business, that they are interested in keeping proof of [vaccination] beyond that date.”

It remains unclear why the app suddenly stopped being available earlier this month, especially considering that the official government website still readsAs of March 1, 2022, Manitoba’s proof of vaccination requirement is no longer mandatory. However, Manitoba’s digital immunization certificate and verifier app will continue to be available.” 

The app, which launched in June 2021 and cost Manitobans over 4.3 million dollars, allowed individuals to scan QR-codes containing their vaccine information to gain access to various establishment mandated to do so by government. 

In Manitoba, as in the rest of Canadians, unvaccinated citizens for a time were prohibited from entering a variety of so-called “non-essential” places, including bars, restaurants and sports and music venues.

This was done despite coronavirus vaccine trials having never produced evidence that the experimental shots prevent transmission or infection. A fact that even a Pfizer executive recently seemed to confirm.

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Just recently, Maxime Bernier, the outspoken leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), reminded Canadians in a Twitter post that the COVID jabs were not as effective as promised, and that injection mandates resulted in mass discrimination against the vaccine-free without any scientific rationale. 

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