Jews were subjected to tyranny, medical experiments and death. ‘This Time Around, We’re All Jews’

(LifeSiteNews) — In Nazi Germany, Jews and other groups deemed “subhuman” were subjected to increasing levels of tyranny, and ultimately became victims of murder and medical experimentation. Under the pretext of COVID safety, people worldwide are undergoing a more subtle version of the same scheme: “This Time Around, We’re All Jews,” as the fourth installment of the “Never Again” documentary series argues.

Today, the harmful agent is the COVID mRNA injection, and the subjects are anyone in the world who will receive one, the docuseries speakers testified.

Knowingly giving dangerous Big Pharma products to the public is not at all a new phenomenon, argued Dr. Vladimir Zelenko in a stunning introduction to the episode.

The Rockefeller family has a history of promoting cancer-causing, petroleum-based pharmaceuticals, even after their link to disease “became obvious,” according to Zelenko. He shared that John D. Rockefeller went so far as to fund the American Cancer Society when it was launched to help “cover up” this fact.

Rockefeller, moreover, was the “number one financier of eugenics research in Nazi Germany as well as in America,” said Zelenko, which he noted was part of their pattern of unethical behavior.

The dark history of Big Pharma and of medical experimentation, which did not end with the Holocaust but persisted in places such as Israel in the 1950s, as historian Andrew Barr pointed out, show that there is ample precedent for such experimentation today, even to a deadly degree, using pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, who was head of worldwide research for Pfizer’s Allergy Respiratory Group and worked for decades in biopharmaceutical research and development, made the case that the mechanism of the COVID “vaccine” is inherently toxic, clearly showing it was released to the public in an act of “malfeasance.”

Given that spike protein has been shown to be the “only” component of a virus that, on its own, creates “strong” adverse effects, such as blood clots and neurological harm, Yeadon questions why all four companies picked the spike protein as the virus part to be produced by COVID shots’ mRNA.

Yeadon concluded that the decision was not the result of “luck” or stupidity but was deliberate.

He further pointed out that ordinarily, before a drug comes to market, it must undergo at least four years’ minimum of research and development, including two years of safety studies, at least a year of preclinical studies, and a year of manufacture. Whereas the COVID shot has a measly 2 1/2 months of safety data.

“So if really bad things were to happen, say, six months after the [shot], the manufacturers know that they didn’t have the data. No one has the data,” Yeadon noted.

Even worse, woefully inadequate studies were done for a new type of medical intervention, one that has never come to market. “No one has ever blazed away at a whole population with gene-based materials. We have no idea what’s going to happen,” Yeadon said.

“It’s harming people. It’s killing people,” he concluded.

These new safety problems aside, Barr pointed out that there has already been a recent “sequence of vaccine scandals,” including one related to the MMR vaccine in the United Kingdom, and a “huge” suppressed scandal regarding the HPV vaccine.

This all points to the “fact that Big Pharma has no interest in your health whatsoever,” Barr said.

As for why such a dangerous COVID “vaccine” was inflicted on the public, the film’s commentators believe it comes down to a few sinister motives echoing those involved in the Holocaust.

Zelenko believed the lethal effects of the injection were deliberately meant to depopulate the planet of people that the “degenerate” ruling class believes are “useless eaters.”

He sees this mindset as “confirmed” by the now-demolished, anonymously commissioned Georgia Guidestones, which say the world population should be no more than 500 million. “That’s a reduction of 90 percent,” Zelenko noted.

This belief that the world is overpopulated is indeed a general consensus of the “elite” class, as it is, for example, widely held by members of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which enlists many of the world’s most powerful political and corporate leaders in its goals and annual meetings.

“It’s not an accident that [they] talk endlessly about overpopulation,” Yeadon said in the film, referring to the WEF crowd. “I think it’s because they want to reduce it, don’t you?”

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and creator of the “Never Again” docuseries, likewise believes the mRNA shots are a “genocidal weapon,” but that they have been distributed in an experimental manner to determine what level of doses of the injection are lethal, and what dose “kills in two weeks” versus what kills in “two years.” This time delay helps to conceal that the shot is deadly, Sharav noted.

Regarding the mRNA shots, Yeadon believes it’s unsurprising that “foreign genetic material” would harm someone, and that, because there are other “conventional” ways to treat a virus, the use of mRNA suggests there are “other intended purposes” of the COVID shots.

Both Yeadon and Sharav have observed that the COVID outbreak and corresponding public containment measures intentionally play into the WEF’s planned “Great Reset” for the world, which is touted as a radical economic transformation of the world’s economic system in order to make it more “sustainable.”

One of the most notorious anticipated facets of this plan is that private property will be greatly diminished or even abolished, as predicted in the WEF’s now-deleted video anticipating that “you will own nothing and be happy.”

Perhaps the most dangerou s part of the Great Reset’s planned economic revolution is the central bank digital currency (CBDC), which will give governments access to individuals’ bank accounts, ostensibly to stabilize global financial markets and “democratize finance.”

Neel Kashkari, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, openly warned of the dangers of CBDCs in August during the Annual Conference of the Journal of Financial Regulation at Columbia Law School in New York.

In speculating as to why Americans would prefer a CBDC over, say, a digital money app like Venmo, Kashkari said, “ … I can see why China would do it. If they want to monitor every one of your transactions, you could do that with a CBDC. You can’t do that with Venmo … And if you want to directly tax customer accounts, you could do that with a CBDC. You can’t do that with Venmo.”

Sharav warned in the film that digital money together with a digital ID, which is also heavily promoted by the WEF, even specifically “in the wake of COVID-19,” will “push everyone into dictatorship and into personal slavery.”

Yeadon elaborated, “They can kill you too. For example, they might say your vaccine passport is out of date, because of the new variant,” said Yeadon, going on to predict how they could then turn off your banking/payment system if you don’t update your passport by a certain date, and then even prevent you from leaving your home if you still don’t bring it up to date.

“If enough of us call out the BS, it would fall apart. But if we do not, I think it will get worse. And then I’m afraid we know what they’re going to do next, because they’ve told us … They tell us they want to introduce central bank digital currencies, that’s cashless digital money,” Yeadon said.

“But if there’s no cash and everything’s digital, I can assure you that big computer in the sky knows exactly what you are about to buy, from whom, where, and if they don’t want you to, the algorithm will deny you. If they say you’re not allowed to be more than five miles from your home and you’re 5 1/2 miles from your home and you try and buy a pizza, the algorithm will say you’re not permitted to buy it.”

“If we get rid of cash and replace it with a computer-based, geolocated digital money, it is the end of human freedom forever,” Yeadon warned.

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