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Pastor Who Went to Hell: ‘I Wouldn’t Wish It on My Worst Enemy’

The lead pastor of a church in Austin, Texas says he has visited hell, and he wants everyone to know that is a very real place.

Gerald Johnson, the lead pastor of Faith Culture Church, says he was sent to hell in Feb. 2016 after suffering a heart attack. The Jerusalem Post reported that “in one of his more viral videos, Johnson said that he indeed saw the real hell.”

“I was there and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy,” Johnson says. “I don’t care what he did to me. No one deserves that.”

Colorado Megachurch Fires Worship Artist Over Alleged Extramarital Affair

Megachurch New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has fired its worship leader over an alleged extramarital relationship—the second time he’s reportedly been let go from a church for moral reasons.

New Life Church Executive Pastor Brian Newberg told Charisma News in an email that Rozier, a former Vertical Worship band member and song writer, was “immediately terminated after we learned of his relationship with a woman from another city.”

Rozier had worked at New Life for more than a year and was part of the megachurch’s band, New Life Worship. Prior to that, Rozier served as the worship pastor at Chicago’s Harvest Bible Chapel in the Chicago area.

Tragic Plane Crash Kills 4 Church Leaders, Pastor Survives

The pastor of a Tennessee church was the lone survivor after a plane crash Tuesday killed four of his fellow church leaders, leaving parishioners and loved ones in shock.

Harvest Church in Germantown, Tennessee, released a statement Tuesday expressing sorrow amid the monumental loss and noted the congregation is “without the proper words” to articulate its grief.

“We ask for your prayers and request the families involved are given proper space to grieve,” the statement read.

Biblical Scholar Dr. Michael Heiser Shares Bleak Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is an ugly word that continuously brings fear and trepidation with it when a patient hears it spoken from a doctor’s mouth.

Those suffering from this affliction often hold dear to hope that it can be managed if not eradicated.

Still others hold to faith when given the prognosis that modern medical technology can offer no solution to the disease rampaging through their bodies.

90 Seconds Until Doom? Christian Response to the Doomsday Clock With Troy Black

The Doomsday Clock was designed by a group of scientists to warn the world about how close we are to self-annihilation. This year the clock was moved closer to midnight signaling to the public that we have moved closer to destroying our world through dangerous technology.

People watched around the world as the news came out filled with doom and gloom. Many are wondering what tomorrow could hold.

We sat down with Troy Black to talk about the biblical perspective on the Doomsday Clock and what Christians should take away from the news.

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