Where there is no counsel, purposes are frustrated, but with many counsellors they are accomplished.


Never let pride keep you from speaking to someone you can trust about your decision, especially if it is a major one.

Learning to make wise decisions takes a lifetime. You can avoid mistakes by sharing with someone who is trustworthy, who may have walked the same road before. The hard thing about making a mistake is that you lose a tremendous amount of time getting back on track.

The Word of God is clear about getting help when you are not 100% sure, or do not have 100% confidence in your decision. God encourages us to speak to others and get their counsel.

Over the years I have had to make some major decisions. My biggest mistake came when I did not want to speak to anyone at the time, as I had lost my trust in people. 

Be sure to have no shadow of doubt about what you are supposed to do. In other cases, where there are doubts, seek wise men or women in their particular field to advise you.

Don’t go to a person who has had three marriages and ask them how to keep your marriage healthy!!  Rather, go to a couple that have celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and get counsel from them.

If you are about to embark on a major change, speak to someone who has successfully passed the test.

In His Presence- Day by Day: Dr. Lyndie McCauley



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