My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,

James 1:2

Get excited about God.  He is leading you into a miracle.  When you face situations that are bigger than you, begin to thank God because a miracle is on its way.  Don’t allow fear and doubt to come into your heart.  Rejoice.  God is getting ready to show off His power on your behalf.  Moses led the Hebrew people out of slavery and into the desert.  He was following God’s plan.  When faced with a life or death situation, Moses looked to God.  Here he was at the edge of the sea, surrounded by his enemies and no place to go.  Unless God did something, an entire nation would have died that day.  Because of the power of God, the sea began to part in two.  Over one and half million went forward.  They walked on dry ground across the sea.  Not only did God move the water, but when the Egyptian army followed, the water fell and the enemy army drowned.  In one day, God set the people free from slavery, protected them along their journey, and destroyed their enemies.  You may be going through something difficult today.  Do not get sad or angry.  Get Excited.  God is getting ready to show you a miracle.  He is faithful.

Prayer: Lord I trust in You.  I will not be afraid of the future.  I thank You for Your faithfulness.  Let Your glory shine forth from my life.  I am excited about the future I have in You.  In Jesus name, amen.