Let us therefore, receiving a kingdom that is firm and stable and cannot be shaken, offer to God pleasing service and acceptable worship, with modesty and pious care and godly fear and awe; For our God [is indeed] a consuming fire.

HEBREWS 12:28-29

The kingdom that you are serving is set for eternity. You, as a worshipper, are being stirred in your heart by the Spirit to bring your acceptable worship to God Himself. He has given you the power to live and work for Him.

Every time you need Him, it brings Him great pleasure to be there for you as your Father. For you to desire and the will to work for His good pleasure and His delight is all that He is asking of you.

Daily, He creates in you the desire to seek Him and to know Him more intimately. He fuels up your hunger and zeal by His Spirit, enabling you to change into His image.

Do you honestly think that you can carry on with a casual attitude towards Him? No, He is your Father and He wants your love and affection too. Jesus first loved you so that you would come to Him – He sowed first into your life giving you something special to respond to. Praise the Lord that you did. Right now, He wants you to get closer to Him.

This is something to consider and take very, very seriously.

In His Presence- Day by Day: Dr. Lyndie McCauley