“At each and every sunrise you will hear my voice as I prepare my sacrifice of prayer to you. Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the altar and wait for your fire to fall upon my heart.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭5:3‬ ‭TPT

What would your life look like if you started every day by speaking to your Heavenly Father?

Let’s take it a step further…

What would your life look like, if you started every day speaking to Him, and WAITING FOR HIM TO SPEAK BACK? 

Imagine the conversations that would take place?

We thank Him for a new day, and begin to pour our love on Him, and before we say Amen and rush off to brush our teeth, we actually pause to hear Him respond to us! 

How would this quick simple exchange of love shape our day? Would morning traffic be as bad? Would the simple things of life still carry as much weight? Or would they suddenly be insignificant, because you’ve found the significance of the presence of God? 

Let’s take it even further shall we? 

What would our lives look like, if we trusted Him enough to actually lay down the pieces of our lives, and waited on His fire to fall upon our hearts? 

Could you do it? 

Lay down the pieces of your heart? The pieces we hold so close to? The good, the bad, the ugly, and every piece in between?

Now imagine how free we’d feel? The burdens finally thrown off our shoulders! The heartaches, wounds, offenses, that once defined us, now suddenly laid before our Heavenly Father! 

Could we take it even further? 

Now we wait on Fire from Heaven to fall on those pieces of our lives! A pure fire that comes to destroy, remove, purify, and strengthen the pieces of our lives that make us who we are! 

Things that shouldn’t remain, are consumed by this Holy Fire! Things that are barely hanging on, are suddenly purified and solidified! Old dreams and passions that are burning out, are suddenly set ablaze! We ourselves are able to freely move forward with our day, having encountered the love, and fire of God! 

Now take it one final step further! 

What would your world look like if we learned to live this way every day? 

How would your marriage be different? 

How would your children be impacted? 

Don’t wait to find out, start today! 


“Father God I come to you today, and want to pour my love on you! 

You are worthy of my worship Lord, and I worship You today! I look to You as the source of my strength, my source of peace, my source of joy! Lord I lay down my life to You this morning! The very pieces of my life that I have held onto for so long, I lay them down at Your feet! The good, the bad, the ugly, and every piece in between! I don’t want to hold onto them any longer! Lord, I ask for Your Holy Fire to fall from Heaven, and consume me! Consume every piece of my life, remove what must be removed, add what must be added, purify my life Lord! Set me ablaze with Your Holy Fire, so that I constantly burn for You! May my life never be the same! May my world never be the same! Use me Lord for Your Glory!” 

Now, freely GO! And do great things for God!