The heart of her husband trusts in her confidently and relies on and believes in her securely, so that he has no lack of [honest] gain or need of [dishonest] spoil.

pROVERBS 31:11

What a wealth it is for a husband to know that he can trust his wife that she is reliable and will keep a confidence.

Marriage is a partnership and everything is to be shared. A miracle takes place the moment you enter into the marriage covenant and say “I do”, where each member honours, trusts, respects and celebrates the other.

When a man finds a woman of this nature, he will succeed in all that he does if he will do it God’s way. But if she does not live up to this expectation, he may become deceitful himself.

When the miracle of two flesh becoming one is sealed, the devil begins his work to try and break down the anointing and power that lies in this union. He knows what strength there is in unity, trust and peace. At all costs your marriage covenant is the most important contract you can enter into.

Be faithful to the covenant and make the right choices. It’s up to you!

You are in covenant with your spouse. Respect, honour and value that covenant, and you will harvest a lifetime of blessing together.

In His Presence- Day by Day: Dr. Lyndie McCauley