For every person will have to bear (be equal to understanding and calmly receive) his own [little] load [of oppressive faults].


Each one of us has little faults and failures that need overcoming. Wouldn’t it be nice if when we were born again every little bit of everything changed? At least the spirit is made brand new … but the rest needs so fine-tuning!  In fact the scripture says that we should die to the flesh daily!

I remember a Pastor sharing one Sunday morning about the flesh needing to be crucified daily on the altar, but the major problem is that it keeps trying to crawl off!!  That’s when you know it’s alive!!

Over the years I have learnt that it is the “little loads” that spoil everything.

Big things in our lives normally change quite easily as we begin to grow in God. But it’s the little things, that take time to change; your mouth, attitude, negative thinking, un-forgiveness etc.  Most of these are learned behaviour and will take a little more time and patience to unlearn.

What a glorious day it is when you begin to gain the victory over the lusts of the flesh and the souls vain imaginations.

I am a testimony to the power that lies in the Word of God. It works! I have been released from a number of “little foxes” over the years, and God will help you to do it too.

Don’t let the little foxes get you down. Exercise a greater commitment for change in your life through patience and self-control, stand firm, and the victory is yours!

In His Presence- Day by Day: Dr. Lyndie McCauley