Then Jesus said to him, Begone, Satan! For it has been written, You shall worship the Lord your God and Him alone shall you serve. Then the devil departed from Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him.

MATTHEW 4: 10-11

You cannot fight Satan using your own strength and your own ability. People have tried that one and come off second best.

These are some of the weapons that God has given you to use against the evil one: submit yourself to God; resist the devil; speak the Word of God; bind him; use the name of Jesus.

Speaking the Word of God wisely is the one that Jesus used in the wilderness when Satan came to test Him. It was quite a battle but Jesus won it and Satan left Him for a season.

Maybe you think that the devil will only come once to test and tempt you, no – he leaves for a season. The only time he will not have another opportunity is when you die and go to Heaven, as the devil does not inhabit Heaven. Give him the simple treatment planned by God and he will leave you for another occasion.

In Him you are much stronger than you think.

In His Presence- Day by Day: Dr. Lyndie McCauley