60 Below Zero in New Hampshire?! Dangerous Cold Snap Threatens Many States This Weekend

Several states are bracing for what could be the coldest, most dangerous arctic blast in years.

In New Hampshire, the governor warned brutal cold will bring severe wind chills. “At -30 degrees, hypothermia can set in, in just 10 minutes,” said Governor Sununu. “And we know it’s going to be even colder than that across the entire state.” 

From Montana to the North Atlantic coast, an unprecedented cold spell is forecast over the next 36-48 hours. Single-digit temps are expected. While New England anticipates the coldest arctic blast in years. 

“The windchill (is) forecasted to be below -40 degrees, virtually all across the state,” Gov. Sununu said. 

In some places, the wind chill is forecast to be even worse, at -60 degrees. And people across the affected areas are getting ready.

“I’ve got my coat on and my gloves are in my bag, and I just bundle up as much as possible,” said one woman in New Hampshire. 

Nearly 70 million people across the country are either under a cold, ice or flood alert. In Portland, Maine – street teams are telling the homeless about warming shelters – but some refuse to heed caution.

“I’m going to stay here and make sure, not only myself, but my neighbors all stay warm,” said one woman living in a tent city. 

The warnings for the North come after ice, sleet, and snow hit the South, turning some Texas roads into a sheet of ice. Hundreds of thousands of customers remain without power from Tennessee to Texas. 

A travel nightmare for many is taking shape into the weekend, with more than 700 flights canceled. And it’s been tough for many of those staying at home. “It was 29 (degrees) last night inside the home,” said one man in Texas.  

As Texas begins to thaw out of its multi-day ice storm, Punxsutawney Phil added insult to injury with his forecast on Thursday. 

“I see a shadow on my stage, so no matter how you measure – it’s 6-more weeks of winter weather,” said one prognosticator from the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club. 

The good news is, although the cold front is blowing through this weekend, it’s expected to usher in above-average temperatures next week. 

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