10 Prayers to Help You Exchange Fear and Anxiety for Peace

Listen to even one televised news report and fear or anxiety may capture your thoughts and grip your heart. We do not overcome the effects of ‘the news’ by denying or ignoring the evil in our world that causes such intense emotions, but rather by applying scriptural truth to circumstances and responding biblically.

But it doesn’t take a newscast to stir up fear. The enemy, Satan, wants God’s children to live in constant fear and anxiety as they stockpile worries and are burdened by cares. The Bible says such temptation is “common” to mankind (1 Corinthians 10:13). Even the strongest Christ-followers can experience the temptation to fear and worry.

What does the Bible say about fear and anxiety; and what might we pray to the Lord based on those Scriptures that can help us exchange toxic emotions for God’s wondrous peace? Let’s begin to pray these prayers for anxiety over our thoughts and exchange fear for peace.

Photo Credit: Pexels/Johannes-Plenio

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